Welcome to Porkmeister BBQ

Welcome to Porkmeister BBQ

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 We are the Porkmeisters BBQ Team and Catering Company. This adventure started because all of us in the Walling Family love to cook and EAT! Mike, the Head Cook, has spent many a week-end with his grills & smokers . He never really cared what he cooked as long as he was cooking and then eating. Mike cooks by taste. There aren't any recipes or secrets to hide. He just cooks with his taste buds.

The rest of our team is basically anyone who wants to help. Family & Friends join us and usually are the ones who pick out what we turn in to the Judges.

Since our first competition in 2006, we have went on to win or place in the top ten many times. Our Chicken has won many first place finishes and placed 5th or better many times. Our Deserts and Crab Cakes have won or have been in the top ten also.

 We have decided to branch out and not only compete, but also do Pig Roasts and Small Parties. All our Customers have been very happy with our service and no one has ever left hungry! 

2019 brings a new year with new Competitions. We hope to do as well as last year and even better. Stop by and see us and try to grab some samples. We always have some extra for Friends.  



We have a very easy and laid back approach to our Catering business, we cook what you want, not what we tell you to have. We are open for most anything.

We sit down with you and discuss what might be best for you and your party. We offer suggestions and advice to you so you can have a stress free event.

Our menu is simple delicious bbq and side dishes plus a few family favorite recipes. Nothing fancy, just great tasting family style food.

Some of the options are pulled pork that has been slow smoked for 8-10 hours, bbq chicken, ribs, turkey. All meats are cooked over wood or charcoal for that extra great flavor.

Hamburgers and hot dogs or sausage if you want it simple and easy. The choice is yours.

We offer sides of our famous bbq baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, or a host of other old family favorite side dishes.

Our pricing is based based on the current food costs. We don't pre-price our menu items because we always trying to give the best pricing we can without any built in up-charges or fees.

Our Pledge


All of us here at Porkmeister BBQ will always strive to provide you the very best in both quality and service.

We know the stress involved with having a party can be overwhelming to most folks. We will make it as stress free as we can.

We love to see people eat and have a great time so we always make sure "No one will go home hungry"

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Please check back often to keep updated on what is happening in 2019

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